King institute

Inspired by the heritage of Coretta and Martin Luther King Jr. we contribute to constructive social change locally and globally, by offering innovative approaches to peace- and human rights work focusing on equality, cooperation and dialogue.


King Youth

One of our key areas are preventative youth work. We focus on youth at risk of being marginalised, and offer creative new methods to tackle challenges in this area.

King Social justice

Social justice was a central aspect of Coretta and Martin Luther King Jr.’s work, and it is essential for establishing peaceful and prosperous societies. Together with our partners, we tackle complex social challenges in innovative ways.


King Dialogue

The King Institute facilitate dialogues at different levels of society. With significant experience and solid process- and mediation tools we contribute where there is a need – on the streets of Oslo, between individuals and groups that have ended in deadlocked situations, or in societies affected by conflict where we can work together with our partners to contribute to change.


Education & research

The King Institute educate and train people in mediation techniques; dialogue; social justice- and human rights work in different parts of societies. We combine theory and practice in our work to facilitate positive transformation and best practice.
We produce research that address issues in the areas of peace and human rights to generate knowledge and research communication directed towards practice, policy, and academia.


Coretta & Martin Luther King Institute for Peace
Pilestredet 27, 0164 Oslo, Norway
Org nr. 923107940